About Us

At Centro Casas, we are dedicated to using innovative sales techniques. As a Puerto Rican company with a flexible structure, we offer customized “La Subasta” events, also known as “a viva voz” auctions, to meet the specific needs of the local market. Our extensive team features three expert auctioneers and experienced professionals. We have vast experience in auctioning off various properties, from real estate to cars, artwork, warehouses, and liquidation inventories. 



Auctions are a proven sales mechanism for liquidating all types of movable and immovable assets. Our innovative system, successfully tested for many years in the United States and established in Puerto Rico by Centro Casas, offers beneficial alternatives for both buyers and sellers. Buyers attending the auction acquire goods at excellent prices compared to their actual value, with a transparent competitive mechanism. Sellers benefit from an agile method to liquidate their inventory.


At Centro Casas, we primarily use the proven method of live auction bidding. Our team, including three exclusive auctioneers, is the most prepared in the industry. Through live auctions, the sales process is fast and secure, allowing sellers to recover their funds quickly. Selling through auctions helps reduce inventory and significantly decreases the costs of taxes, maintenance, and insurance that the selling party would otherwise have to bear.



Centro Casas provides an effective alternative to facilitate a significant inventory reduction. Our success is evident through our work with prestigious institutions such as the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, P.R. Housing Department, AAA Mini Storage, Banco Popular,  Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples de Puerto Rico, Extra Space Storage, Firstbank, Mini Warehouse, Oriental Bank, and Universal Insurance, among others. 


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Our Team

Belkys Pino, President

Betsy Pino, Vice President

Belkyan Duarte, Comptroller