How to participate in La Subasta

By Betsy Pino, VP & Auctioneer

You can now experience the thrill of La Subasta in person or virtually, providing a fantastic opportunity to acquire properties at unbeatable prices.

To participate, follow these three easy steps:


1. Before bidding on a property, please review the auction brochure or the property section on our website for information. We highly recommend that you inspect the property in person before bidding. You can find open house dates contacting us to schedule a private viewing.


2. To participate in the virtual auction, please send the signed terms via email to on the Monday before the auction. The auction typically occurs on a Friday or Saturday, depending on the number of properties sold.


3. Ensure you arrive on time if the auction is in-person, or log in promptly if it is virtual to confirm your participation. The properties will be auctioned in the order specified in the brochure. It is important to note that La Subasta is subject to seller confirmation, which means that the selling party must approve the highest bidder and their bid.


If you’re looking for a property to live in or to invest in, La Subasta by Centro Casas is a great alternative that has been successful for three decades.


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