By Betsy Pino, VP & Auctioneer

Have you ever watched Storage Wars? Does it pique your interest?

We invite you to be a part of our Mini-Storage auctions. It’s incredibly easy and accessible to the public. You can find highly intriguing items in Mini-Storage auctions and even start your resale business.

Participating in Mini-Storage auctions is straightforward. These auctions are conducted “live” by Centro Casas, the only expert auction company for Mini-Storage in Puerto Rico. The auctions are scheduled monthly, so watch Centro Casas’ website for the dates.


Mini-Storage auctions are an exhilarating way to explore hidden treasures, uncover valuable items, and start a new venture in reselling. Mini-Storage auctions are the perfect opportunity for those who enjoy the excitement of bidding and the possibility of finding valuable items at bargain prices.

What makes Mini-Storage auctions so exciting? Picture this: You arrive at the auction location, and the auctioneer begins describing the contents of various Mini-Storage units. You see rows of locked storage units, and your curiosity is piqued. What could be hidden behind those doors? You hear the auctioneer’s call, “Who will start the bidding at $50?”

The bidding frenzy begins, immersing you in the competition with other bidders. The adrenaline rushes through your veins as you raise your hand, placing your bid on a unit filled with potential treasures. The auctioneer’s voice rises, “Going once, going twice…” The anticipation builds as you hope to be the winning bidder. Finally, the magic words, “Sold to the highest bidder!”

Now comes the moment of truth – you’ve won the auction, and it’s time to explore your newfound treasure trove. Opening the doors of the storage unit reveals a treasure hunt of sorts. You might find vintage furniture, valuable collectibles, electronics, or antique artifacts. It’s a thrill to see what unexpected gems lie within.

But Mini-Storage auctions are not just about finding hidden treasures for personal use. Many participants see these auctions as an opportunity to turn a profit. After winning a unit, they carefully sort the contents, identifying valuable items that can be resold through online marketplaces, flea markets, or consignment shops.

Starting a resale business through Mini-Storage auctions can be both rewarding and profitable. It allows you to turn your passion for bargain hunting into a thriving enterprise. As you gain experience, you’ll develop an eye for valuable items and learn the art of successful reselling.

If you’re ready to experience the excitement of Mini-Storage auctions, join us at Centro Casas’ monthly auctions. It’s an adventure that promises surprise, challenge, and the possibility of striking gold. You might uncover a hidden treasure that could change your life!

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